A rigorously structured academic curriculum which acquaints students with the Public Health field, starting with the basic knowledge and offering along the way the possibility of a deeper understanding on specific areas of interest.

A special designed program in which theoretical knowledge is inextricably linked with practical activities. A mentorship program to offer you support and advice on all aspects of your academic work. Innovative teaching and learning practices.


Together with our staff you will become a partner in the research process, share the same aspirations, fight for common goals, or in a more simple way, imagine becoming the person you dreamed of, while being surrounded by:

Dedicated and supportive professors who bring with them a wide range of experiences and professionalism in order to create a singular academic experience.


Student life at Cluj School of Public Health, as well as the overall SPH experience are as diverse as the students that came here. So what is a SPH student really like?

With different backgrounds and personalities, they are either adventurers or calculated, spiritual or pragmatic, suited for a leadership position, or for team player role, but what brings them together as a whole, are their common interests and ambitions.


Public Health is a new and exciting field that offers plenty of job opportunities to suit everyone’s interests, needs or skills.

As a public health professional you will have a large offer of job perspectives, as well as the opportunity to work in a challenging and dynamic field. Public health is about preventing health problems before they happen. If you feel rewarded working towards improving your life and the life of those around you, then public health is the field for you.

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