I was part confused, part concerned and part curious about the program, thinking that the domain of public health and advertising (BA) have little in common. To my surprise, I learned that public health relates with virtually any other science domain, and that any effort in this sense can save lives. Fantastic teachers from all over the globe showed me how.


Cluj SPH is a wonderful team of exquisite professionals that got together driven by the same good-hearted flow of starting a change in the health system; and their goal to get the new master students on board worked out good! Being the first generation of master students, we have, from one side, the tricky situation to act fast and furious for new assignments, and from the other and more important side, we have the liberty to decide how we should and want to approach this needed change in the health system. Our leading professors, coming from different parts of the world teach us to stick together and attack a challenge from diverse points of view. By collaborating with other professionals from different fields than mine, I feel I already developed from a personal and a professional level, feel passion for working further in this complex field of Public Health. Getting familiar with worldwide practice-oriented projects and activities, I am certain that this program will continue to open my way into a career as a health professional.


I am an Erasmus master student from Germany and studied in Cluj-Napoca this last semester at School of Public Health. We came up with an idea and developed our own Public Health project. Furthermore we also did fundraising campaigns to promote our idea. To make a real impact we finally implemented our idea. It was a good way of learning that when you deal with health issues and making an impact it can be really hard and sometimes frustrating, you gonna fail. However at the end, when you really accomplished something, you feel great and realize that you can do it, even if you fail one or two or three times. We had to deal with problems, we would have never had when we just were doing theoretical learning. That was an interesting and very good experience. I think it is important that you learn how to solve a problem with the concept of really solving one. Furthermore, not only the courses but also the professors and people at the School of Public Health were really great. I liked the welcoming, really “open-door”, atmosphere. We could ask questions and find help pretty fast from everyone who is working there.


Public Health is my passion since 4 years ago. The program changed me and taught me many useful things. I learned to be more patient and tolerant with people, to think differently and every moment of stress, disappointment and frustration made me stronger and taught me to never give up even if things seem impossible. So, even if the program is challenging, it is also different, interesting and it is worth experiencing.


What l really enjoyed was the freedom of challenging your minds and coming up with new and unique ideas. The course was far away from the assumptions of textbook and pretty much close to reality, where I learned how failures can help you to come up with new ideas and can lead to accomplishment of goals.


Having completed the first year of the masters program here at Cluj School of Public Health has been a great experience because it was a different approach on university studying, everything being focused on the practical side of things and the teachers providing us with a real hands-on approach. It is interesting to see how people with different backgrounds can really work together on projects they are assigned to and can come up with a wider view on the specific topic. Also, I appreciated a lot the international part of the courses and have valued being taught by teachers from different countries. If it were to choose one single word to describe the experience so far, I think the best suited is open minded and student oriented.


I enrolled in the MPH program because I am interested in healthcare management. The knowledge and experience that I acquired during my first year in the program exceeded by far my expectations. We had amazing and knowledgeable teachers from all around the world. We were pushed to our limits in order to accomplish outstanding results. We made imagined projects become reality. We worked in teams and learned to collaborate, a trait that is vital for the public health system. We learned how important public speaking is and how you can manage to learn an absolutely new and abstract subject for you in just a few days. And beyond all these, we built beautiful friendships along the way.