EU Students

If you have not been selected within the tuition-free places, you can enroll (in the limited number of places) as a self-sponsored student.

Number of places: 42 (with tuition)

The tuition fee for EU Students is the same as for Romanian citizens – about 650 EUR/Year (payable in RON).

The payment of the admission or/and tuition fees can be made at the FSPAC cashier during the place confirmation days or through bank transfer in the Babes Bolyai University’s account: RO35TREZ21620F330500XXXX, mentioning ”admission fee”, your name and the destination college (FSPAC).

Non-EU Students

Number of places: 42 (with tuition)

The tuition fee for Non-EU (self-sponsored) students is 450 EUR/month.

It should be paid in advance for a period of 9 or 10 months (in case the curricula envisage the period of practice).

Admission Fee

For EU citizens, the admission fee is 200 RON (about 50EUR), made up of registration fee* (170 RON) and processing fee** (30 RON).

Non-EU citizens are required to pay a processing fee of 50 EUR, in the following  account: RO16RNCB0106026604700008, at Romanian National Bank (BNR), for the Babeș-Bolyai University, fiscal code 4305849, mentioning ”processing fee”, your name and the destination college (FSPAC).

*Babeș-Bolyai University, Central University Library, Botanical Garden and University restaurants and cafeterias employees and their children, as well as children of active or retired teachers, are exempt from paying the registration fee, having to pay only the processing fee of 30 RON.

**For the organizational and communication aspects, including any pre-registration, a processing fee is applied and it is not subject to exemptions or exceptions; also, it is not refundable. Exceptions: the candidates who are are orphans (of both parents) and the candidates who come from placement houses will be reimbursed the processing fee in case they are not accepted for the second stage of the admission.