Our MPH Program is established within Cluj School of Public Health, College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. This program provides an exciting opportunity for public health professionals and others interested in the field to obtain a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

We provide a strong academic foundation in the core disciplines of public health by including advanced and elective coursework as well as a capstone project. Our MPH planned areas of concentration are tracked in 4 main domains.

Moreover, the MPH is focusing on optional courses that would help the student chose the desired/appropriate subjects so that, at the end of the program, their specialization on a certain track will be even more specific. View the competencies equivalents here.


What makes us different?

We focus on building transversal skills. For instance, this may be your best opportunity to develop and improve your grant writing skills.

Our MPH is all about practice, where students are evaluated based on projects as part of their coursework. Moreover, we encourage students to discover Public Health around the world, offering experiences beyond the classroom like internships and international educational exchanges.

There are a lot of opportunities worldwide and our MPH is developed in order to suit these options and prepare future Public Health professionals according to current job requirements.