In July 2014, 31 students and teachers from our college participated in a fundraising campaign called Swim for Excellence, an event organized by Cluj Community Foundation. The campaign consisted in obtaining donations for awarding fellowships to five students, intended not only to reward academic excellence, but also to encourage student involvement in community. One of the winning students is Andreea Cetean, 3rd year SPH student and Junior Staff at our Unit of Health Policy and Management.

“My project is an online campaign, aiming to raise awareness on cyberbullying among adolescents from Romania, aged 14-18. The campaign will take place on two social media platforms: Facebook and The Facebook page will feature infographics, memes depicting cyberbullying examples and coping mechanisms, and a “Did you know?” section. The platform will be used to encourage teenagers to share their cyberbullying stories and how they coped with it.

What I want to achieve with this project is a 5% raise in cyberbullying reporting after the campaign implementation. I also aim to educate the teenagers on recognizing cyberbullying and its negative effects, and to offer them examples of coping mechanisms. Moreover, I want them to know where they can seek support and help if they are cyberbullied. At the end of the implementation, I intend to write an article documenting cyberbullying in Romania, by using the stories shared on”.

– Andreea Cetean, Junior Staff – Unit of Health Policy and Management