What determined you to want to work at C-SPH?

I became a student at Cluj School of public Health because I was curious about this field and what implies being a public health professional. In my opinion, becoming an intern at C-SPH was the natural step to take in order to find out what I was curious about.


What Unit are you part of and what’s the coolest thing about it?

I am intern in the Project Management Unit. In this department one gets not only to find about all the ongoing projects but to work for many of them, as in all projects the management work is needed. Also, I find cool the fact that in this unit you really have the big picture of a project: you see how a project is built (from the scratch!), you are aware of all the resources and stakeholders involved and finally, you gave a clear view of how it develops as the time goes by.

Who are your mentors and how would you describe your relationship with them?

My mentor is Ioana Rus and she is really relaxed (when not contracting CHPPH`s partners :D ). What makes her really cool – just as the department that she coordinates – is that she is very professional, still extremely easy to approach and ask when you are in doubt, as well as forever-patient to give you the enlightening explanation. The fact that she gives me the opportunity to see the management work that stays behind various projects, so that I can have an insight and an understanding of many projects, makes me see her as the best mentor I could ever had.

Added to that, I came to receive tasks from the other members of the department and I am very grateful for all the patience they had for explaining me what I have to do, then reviewing my work and providing feedback.

What are your main tasks and responsibilities?

As I mentioned previously, I do not work on a specific project so I do not have some very specific responsibilities. During time, my responsibilities consisted from tasks such as preparing the cards sent to thank to the participants in PRISM (Postnatal smoking relapse, its associated risk factors, and a proactive sustainable preventive intervention) for their involvement in the study, introducing data in the PRISM database, identifying sources of financing for further projects, centralizing information about partners or consulting guidelines for projects` applications and  writing management sections for project proposals.

What are your future goals?

I proved myself that the management is the right path for me, so I think that I would like to activate in management of health institutions.

How do you feel SPH can help you reach them?

I am not so attracted about the idea of working within the public field therefore I think that I will start moving my attention towards the private institutions. However, I think that SPH is the perfect place to understand how the health sector works – and how it should work – and to get a real sense of what you need in order to work in the health field.