Throughout 2014’s fall semester, the University of Iowa, College of Public Health, hosted three members from Cluj School of Public Health, as international scholars. Among them, Anca Iosub, the newest member of the Occupational and Environmental Health Department, has benefited from the scholarship offered through the International Trauma and Injury Prevention Training and Research Program(TRAUMA).


During her stay, Anca had the opportunity to take 4 classes run by U. Iowa MPH program, as well as to participate in other academic activities and events like:  poster presentations, research meetings of the Injury Prevention Research Center (IPRC), field trips to different sites as part of the activities run on different IPRC projects, as well as to attend the 142nd American Public Health Association (APHA) Meeting and Exposition held in New Orleans, USA.


Moreover, each trainee had the chance to work on the development of a project proposal addressing national public health issues that will be submitted in the grant competition funded by the National Institute of Health with the purpose to support researchers in the developing countries conduct their own research.


“The time spent in Iowa encompassed some of the most significant experiences that I have had so far. I was given the opportunity to meet and learn from experienced and dedicated professors and advisers, who have heightened my interest for the Public Health field. Moreover, not only did I learn a lot, but I was also able to experience a great time outside the classroom. I have enjoyed interacting with the American culture and people, experiences that helped me to discover a lot in all aspects of life, while being there.”

— Anca Iosub, Junior Staff, Dept. of Occupational and Environmental Health