“The time I spent at the European Health Management Association in Brussels, Belgium was eye-opening from all points of view. Professional-wise, it gave me an insight into a path I want to pursue in my career: policy analysis. Although I did not get get the whole EHMA experience as three months was not enough time, I did get an image of how office life in a European institution headquartered in the heart of the European Union is.

To be honest, EHMA was not my first choice, but as I soon learnt, it was the perfect match. As an EU-enthusiast, I was able to “breathe” European policies for three months. And this helped at igniting my interest in the subject. I also had the great opportunity to attend the European Public Health Alliance Annual Conference, at which the current Commissioner for Health was a guest speaker. This exposure to first-hand professionals from the health field was inspiring and determined me to set higher goals for my future career.

Being an Erasmus student placement at EHMA was a unique experience, which started the moulding process of the future professional that I will be. It was also a confirmation that I can achieve greater things, if I am exposed the right mix of insecurity, freedom and guidance. I was also fortunate to have the support of the EHMA staff, to which I cannot express my gratitude enough. I will always take pride in having been part of the EHMA team, in the city I have come to love and miss so much, Brussels.”

– Andreea Cetean

The name tag from the EPHA 5th Annual Conference

With Paul, Matteo and Daniel (from left to right)

Andreea’s EHMA desk and I Love Cluj cup (which she later gave to Paul)

With Ilaria, Paul, Mateo and Daniel

The goodbye cake, one candle for each month spent at EHMA