“During my stay there, I have taken four courses, participated at scientific writing sessions, and have attended the APHA meeting. All these courses and activities have added much value to what I have learned, and raised my motivation in wanting to learn more and be passionate. Faced with studying in an unfamiliar environment carefully brings you to becoming more self-reliant and conscious. You unexpectedly find and develop skills that you were unaware of.


I believe that going through all the experiences of moving to a new place, studying in an unfamiliar environment and adapting to a new culture, makes you more observant, and open towards yourself and towards life. I strongly believe that the way we integrate every experience and subsequently every reaction to that experience, shapes what we are. I have met wonderful people and teachers that were passionate about what they do and teach, which further raised my enthusiasm in everything I have learned.

Everything I have lived there became even more valuable as I had the opportunity to share it with my two other colleagues, with whom I have lived these past months. We have learned to live and study together, to know each other, creating a home and an enjoyable and supportive environment. I think that all the differences between us and each of us own way of being, made us appreciate more the variety in which we live and the uniqueness of every person.”




— Andreea Silaghi, 3rd year student.


Andreea was granted a five-month scholarship at the University of Iowa, College of Public Health, throughout the 2014’s fall semester.