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The 1st International Conference on Non-Communicable Diseases – ICONiC, came to an end after two full days of intensive discussions, extensive knowledge-sharing, networking and planning for a healthier future. Practitioners, public health researchers and students from Romania and around the World had the opportunity to connect, reconnect and share ideas on preventing and managing the leading causes of death world-wide. Presentations and talks around tobacco control across the lifespan, diabetes prevention, nutrition and obesity, respiratory conditions, quality of life of oncological patients, actively engaged participants in discussing on how to adequately address non-communicable diseases.

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Strategies and priorities in the prevention of non-communicable diseases were the main focus of the event, together with knowledge sharing and exchange on tools available for researchers and practitioners: understanding and intervening in the health policy process; developing community-based participatory approaches to respond to the needs of vulnerable populations; making use of specific counseling strategies (such as motivational interviewing) and animal assisted therapy in shaping health behaviors; disseminating research through adequate scientific publishing approaches or even strategies for reaching lay audiences.

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ICONiC hosted oral presentation sessions, poster presentations, interactive workshops and keynote presentations from experts in the field of public health, medicine, environmental sciences, psychology and sociology.  It aimed high, to raise awareness on important factors shaping non-communicable diseases, as well as to aggregate students, early-stage practitioners and senior experts around common goals for healthier communities, and feedback from participants made us think it reached its goal. We look forward to seeing the emerging partnerships and sprouting ideas come to life, and we are committed to supporting them. ICONiC 2015 ended, but we hope to see you and more others interested in addressing non-communicable diseases, in the next ICONiC editions, that are planned to come in the following years!

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