The ”Școala Altfel” week kick-started at  Cluj School of Public Health with the interactive course called “Health it UP”. It was the kind of class that encouraged high school students to develop an opinion about a random public health subject, but also fight for their point of view.  The presentation was held by PhD(c) Mara Timofe, researcher at our unit of Health Policy and Management.

The course started with concrete explanations regarding the “health polices” subject which seemed interesting for the young students, because they came up with examples or their own definitions on the subject. They were also guided through the main steps which lead to solving a public health issue and of course they were encouraged to express their opinion.

In the second part of the “Health it UP” course comes the interactive task, featuring an interesting debate on the subject of “Smoking in public places- Yes or No?”. The students were divided in three teams with different tasks. The first one, so-called “The Government”, had the fun part where they get to choose which team had the best arguments regarding the “Smoking” subject. The other two were either for or against adopting this law. This task was a great way to discover how creative they can be, but also how persuasive. Both teams came with really smart arguments and determined reasons on why they should win the debate. Even if they were shy at first, we can tell that they loved the debate  idea and of course, the subject. The best part of the whole interactive course were the healthy gifts for each team-member, but also the funny stickers which put a smile on everyone’s face.

The first course of the”Școala Altfel” week was a great way for our future students to communicate, develop ideas, build smart arguments and of course learn something new and useful. Shortly, it was a success and we are looking forward for the next ones.

Roxana Anchidin, 1st year student