Cluj School of Public Health, Center for Health Policy and Public Health, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, from the Babeș-Bolyai University is pleased to announce the launch of the Child Product Safety Guide: Potentially Dangerous Products. The guide was released by The European Child Safety Alliance along with its country partners and 3 key sponsors, Underwriters Laboratories, Kid Rapt Ltd. in the United Kingdom and the Consumer Safety Commission in France.

The main purpose of this guide is to inform and educate consumers and professionals in the field about the risks that a child encounters by using products potentially dangerous to him. The guide also provides detailed information about 26 products that were identified by experts to have potential risks for children, and also gives us information of the safety standards that have
been approved by the European standards organisation (CEN).

Members of Cluj School of Public Health are also members of the European Child Safety Alliance and greatly support their activities in reducing the number of child injuries in Europe.

The Guide is available in electronic format here