What determined you to want to work at C-SPH?

A motivational speech held by one of our teachers who works here was the last point that made me to do the big step and become an intern at the Health Policy and Management Unit.

Of course, being motivated like that works only for short periods of time so when I had to make a decision I’ve realized that this is not only a way to develop professional skills, but also a way to develop a mindset of efficient working. I know that it may sound odd, but as I’ve experienced allot of work environments and I’ve came to the conclusion that you need a clear mindset when it comes to work in order to can manage yourself in a profitable way. By profitable way I mean great results in less time without compromising qualitative standards.

What Unit are you part of and what’s the coolest thing about it?

As I’ve mentioned before I am part of the Health Policy Management Unit. A cool thing is that by each task you learn something new. Being new into this environment gives me less to say about the coolest thing. I’ll need more time to discover further.

Who are your mentors and how would you describe your relationship with them?

First of all I think that having a mentor is the most beneficial thing for our development as interns. I believe that the mentorship is the best way to develop yourself. Here it works as a professional matter, but I see the mentorship as the ultimate way to be educated.
Dr. Marius Ungureanu is my mentor. I see in him a clear example of the professionalism that I want to achieve.

What are your main tasks and responsibilities?

My main task is to help in developing a stakeholder analysis. That sounds short I guess, but when you involve 6 counties and have to read thousands of pages it is not. I won’t say more about that. I am also learning statistics here, but that is not a main task for now.
The good part is that whatever you are doing you are guided by the mentor and get clear feedback on what you develop.

What are your future goals?

Professionally speaking for the next year the main goal is to launch my first business. Personally I’m looking to develop a work mindset that works at the highest potential with no stress involved.
Each of these two goals have a lot of ramifications in smaller objectives and here is the point where my goals connect with SPH

How do you feel SPH can help you reach them?

I answer this with an analogy. Cluj School of Public Health is the court for my “life training”, but it is easy to find a court today. The best part is that I get the best coaches (the mentors), the best teammates and the perfect equipment in order to succeed.