Prof. Howard Goldman’s approach to health offered valuable insights to our SPH team and students

On October 6th, Cluj School of Public Health (SPH) had the honor to host a great Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Medicine, Professor Howard Goldman. He has authored over 275 publications, including the book co-authored with historian Gerald Grob, Dilemma of Federal Mental Health Policy (Rutgers Press). He currently serves as Editor of Psychiatric Services and is on the editorial board of The American Journal of Psychiatry. He was the Senior Scientific Editor of the Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health. Dr. Goldman has received awards for mental health services research from the American Psychiatric Association (Senior Award for Research Development in Mental Health Services, 1991), the American Public Health Association (Carl A. Taube Award, 1992), Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (Emily Mumford Medal, 1995), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Cecil Sheps Award, 1998), and the University of Arizona (Schorr Family Award, 2001).

Throughout his presentation, he introduced the Romanian public health students and professionals into a new approach to the mental health care system, the collaborative approach, which can be easily extrapolated to the entire health care system. His presentation offered new insights for the young research team at SPH, gave the opportunity for 1st year students to understand their role in the public health domain and offered for the 2nd and 3rd year students new job perspectives. The conclusion of the presentation was that having an individualized approach to health care and great resistance from health care professionals towards a collaborative approach are barriers difficult to overcome in increasing quality of health care.