“The Christmas Party started with food-sharing activities in which people had the chance to discuss, chat and slowly enter in the party mood. All participants received at their arrival a colored post-it accounting for a team as it follows: Orange-Gingerbread, Yellow-Eggnog, Blue-Icicle, Green-Mistletoe, Pink-Stocking . For all the following activities they had to be in the same team chosen at random by the organizers.
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The first activity was called “Dress the snowman” and each team received rolls of toilet paper, a carrot, hats, gloves and scarves, and they had to dress one of their team member as a snowman. Team Icicle had more creativity and originality and won.
The second activity was called “Mix the song” and participants received a well-known carol along with words from public health. They had the task of re-writing the carol, but with the public health related words in it. The Stockings sang us that “CDV’s are coming to town and snatched the prize for this game”. Also, at one point during the party, the students went under the Christmas tree and opened their presents from “Secret Santa”. It was a moment of sheer joy in which a lot of laughs, smiles and hugs were given.




The party also had a theme “The ugliest Christmas sweater” and an exchange student managed to impress the jury with her creativity and do-it-yourself skills by creating a masterpiece of ugliness.
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Another game from the party was called “The penguin race” in which teams raced each other having a balloon between their knees and being forced to walk like penguins. The boys from the Eggnog team were faster and managed to get their hands on the prize. The party ended in writing resolutions and sticking them on flying lanterns, activity in which students went outside and two by two lighted the lanterns and launched them higher and higher in the night.”

– Carolina Ivanciuc & Mădălina Coman