The healthy development of today’s children and youth is a key pre-requisite for tomorrow’s fulfilled adults and flourishing societies. Healthy nutritional habits and enough physical activity acquired at the aged of childhood are important predictors of these behaviors at the age of adult.

In the period Sept 28-30, Health Policy and Management staff Petru Sandu represented Cluj School of Public Health at the Kick-Off meeting of the Joint Action of Nutrition and Physical Activity (JANPA), a European project involving partners from 25 European Member States and Norway.

The main objective of the 27 months project is to stop the rise of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents by 2020, focusing on specific outcomes that strongly contribute to the nutritional and physical activity policies dedicated to childhood.

It is both an honor and a responsibility for our School to be able to contribute to this collaborative EU wide project and we will do our best to disseminate and use the outcomes of the project for the best use of the Romanian population.

For more details and updates on the JANPA project activities, please follow our posts in the upcoming months.


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