See below what our students say about their ”General Assembly of the FASMR” experience

Karolina Ivanciuc, 2nd year student and Naomi Popovici, 1st year student

”Collaborations among students from Cluj School of Public Health and students from other fields of study, such as medicine, have started to flourish. This March, as members of Public Health Students Association Romania, me, Karolina Ivanciuc and Naomi Popovici have taken part at the General Assembly of the FASMR (Romanian Federation of Medical Students Association). It was a great opportunity for us to establish new partnerships and to make new friends in the meantime. We managed to get a better insight on the public health programs that are being done by medical students from all around the country. There are projects which tackle subjects such as health literacy, tuberculosis prevention, road safety, blood donation and many more. I think it is truly amazing that there are so many young people willing to make a change, to improve the Romanian health system and health care. During the event, which lasted two days, we participated at meetings on public health and at trainings which helped us improve our team management skills. On the last day of the event, the director of our faculty, dr. Răzvan Cherecheș held a speech on the importance of multiculturality and the benefits of being an active member of a student association. He also shared with us his own experience from when he was a medical student. Overall, it was inspiring to hear some really ambitious and innovative approaches. Not only it made us want to take part in these projects but it also motivated us to start a few programs of our own.”

General Assembly of the FASMR