In the period 4-7 May 2016, Dr. Petru Sandu has participated in the 13th European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference, Sport in the City – Mobility, Urbanity and Social Change –, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Here, Dr. Sandu had an oral presentation focusing on the results of the REPOPA project, more specifically on the impact of a policy game on cross-sectoral collaboration and use of knowledge in local level physical activity policy development processes.

The EASS Conference presentations and networking as well as visiting the city of Copenhagen represented ideal opportunities for our colleague to be inspired in regards to where we need to head and what we need to do in order to build more physical activity friendly environments in Romania.

Physical activity related behaviors are strongly embedded in the social and physical environments. Local level Administrations should work together with the civil society and the private companies for finding effective and sustainable solutions to get people walking, cycling, making sport, and having fun being active.” – Dr. Petru Sandu.

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