Alina Alina Sabina Buglea
 Leona Leona Grosu
 Cristina Cristina-Ionela Homorean
Edina Karolina Ivanciuc Edina Karolina Ivanciuc
 Carina Carina Prelucan
 Ana-Maria Radu Anamaria Radu
 DSC_0001 Bianca Rusu
 Tamara Tamara Sabău
 Ana-Maria Vlad Ana-Maria Vlad
 George George Mureșan
  Eglantina Hajdari
Alex Sintoma Alex Sintoma

Since the beginning, I became fascinated with this program because I didn’t know anyone to start the academic year with a cocktail party. Here I’ve met new people with a totally different perspective from the ones I knew back home. About the activities here, I can say they were fun and less fun. But I think that those experiences I liked the least helped me realize how unique and well planned Cluj School of Public Health is.

_MG_3225 Anca Ciubotaru

“It is hard but you will like it” these are the words that I first heard when I got into this school, but then I found out that it is a great program where everybody gives advice and help regarding any kind of problem. We organize a lot of activities, the atmosphere is awesome, and the people are great. We are a big family and anybody who want to know more is welcomed.

_MG_3260 Anca Faur

No party was as exhausting and challenging as the treasure hunt and the training. I`ve never gained so many friends so fast as here, no exam period from previous years was so tough as the first modules, no one has ever told me this often “you have no idea what is coming” and then surprise me, as the staff from SPH, definitely no crew was as united as we are, the students from SPH. And the crucial thing… nothing has ever tested and pushed my limits as this program has.

_MG_3271 Andreea Marcu

Until now I find very interesting the experience at SPH. I liked the treasure hunt and the training for the fact that they helped us to know each other better. I also like the fact that we have many projects, in which we work in teams and the atmosphere from the center in very nice and welcoming.

Andrei Pal Andrei Pal

My experience at SPH so far it was a special one, with wonderful colleagues which I started to get along with each of them and with extraordinary teachers which I can say that are professionals and are good in what they do and nothing made me feel so overwhelmed than this program… I can’t wait to see what awaits me at this school.

Andreea Varga Andreea Varga
Denisa Trif Denisa Trif
Mathe Tibor Mathe Tibor
Marius Moga Marius Moga

SPH experience so far was more than special, from the system to the people that surrounds us. The dynamic system forces you out of your comfort zone, and the teachers are supportive, regardless of the nature of the problem. All these things that create a group of special people.

Mihai Sabau Mihai Sabau
_MG_3192 Norbert Bara

Until now, being a SPH student, I have realized that I am on a very long launch pad, full of pits, and in these pits are hidden opportunities that I have to take… and the adventure must continue even if the pit is empty.

Timea Toth Timea Toth

Cluj School of Public Health is a program that exceeded by far my expectations. Learning in a friendly environment, having deadlines and a certain competition between the teams makes it so much more challenging and exciting to be here.