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Managing Frailty. A comprehensive approach to promote a disability-free advanced age in Europe: the ADVANTAGE initiative

Joint Action on Prevention of frailty



Project Description: ADVANTAGE is a Joint Action with 22 Member States (MS) and 35 organizations involved. It is co-funded by the European Union and the MS.
Partners work together to summarize the current State of the Art of the different components of frailty and its management, both at a personal and population level and increase knowledge in the field of frailty to build a common understanding on frailty to be used by participating MS.

General Objective: ADVANTAGE will build a common understanding on frailty to be used in all the Member States, which should be the base for a common management both at individual and population level of older people who are frail or at risk for developing frailty along the EU. The identification of the core components of frailty and its management should promote the need changes in the organization and implementation of care in the Health and Social Systems in order to provide the models of care that, stemming from the individual health cultures existing in each Member State, will allow to all of them to face the challenge inside a common framework.

Project Coordinator: Hospital Universitario de Getafe, SERMAS, Spain.

BBU Coordinator: Elena Bozdog, PhD(c) Researcher, WP2 Co-Leader.

Funder: The European Commission – CHAFEA, Grant No. 724099

Period: 2017-2019

Total budget: Consortium: 5 738 934.60 (€), BBU: 43 870.00 (€)


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