Bridge-Health – Bridging Information and Data Generation for Evidence-based Health Policy and Research – 2015 – 2017

PrintAs a continuation of the work on the IDB and JAMIE projects, The Injury Surveillance Platform, i.e. a network of national European Injury Data Base (IDB) centers, which fulfils a core role in implementing a program of continuous improvement in injury data gathering within European countries has joined the Bridge-Health Project. As partners in the previous project we continue to be involved in the European Injury Data Base as National Data Administrators.

The BRIDGE Health project aims to prepare the transition towards a sustainable and integrated EU health information system for both public health and research purposes. The project bridges the best of EU projects in domains of population and health system monitoring, indicator development, health examination surveys, environment and health, population injury and disease registries, clinical and administrative health data collection systems and methods of health systems monitoring and evaluation.

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