DISCIPLE 2.1 is an international students’ conference which puts an emphasis on developing scientific presentation skills. Our aim is to help students improve their presentation tehniques and to encourage them to form connectios with future specialists. The conference will take place in Cluj County, Romania, 13-16th of October.
The Location
We want our participants to have a challenging yet memorable experience, so we decided that the event will be held at Someșul Rece, Cluj County. The scenery will be a tranquil one as the cabin is placed near to Tarnița Lake, among the woods.
The first step of this conference will comprise of assessing the current level of the participants’ public speaking skills through abstract presentations.
The event will be structured in multiple courses on public speaking, scientific presentation and data visualisation. Our team of certified specialists will provide information on how to become a guerilla speaker, on how to achieve audience-centeredness, on how to build the message. Students will learn to manage hostile audiences as well as means of communicating science. The courses will cover everything you need to know about powerpoint presentations, pie charts and bar charts, timelines and even choosing the suitable colors for presentations.
The underlying purpose of the event is to enable the students to create themselves a strong network of both future and present specialists through the art of storytelling. We believe that after this event, they will not only be capable of attracting attention but also of inspiring their peers.
The last day of the event will give the participants the chance to put in practice what they learned through presenting their abstracts once again.
Benefits of participation
As previously mentioned, our courses will help the students to achieve initial and derived credibility through enhancing their presentation skills. They will learn how to use their nervousness in their benefit and how to engage their audience.
The team
Răzvan Cherecheș – Professor and Executive Director at Cluj School of Public Health
Mădălina Coman – Psychologist
Oana Blaga – Researcher
Alexandra Sidor – Psychologist
In order to register you must follow these two easy steps:
1. Fill in the application form (link)
2. Send us your scientific abstract at (email)
When writing your abstract please make sure you follow these guidelines. (pdf) You may use one of your previous works or use scientific information available on the internet. (e.g. databases, other articles, etc)
Registration should be completed by October the 7th until 23:59.

If you don’t want to be an old-school presenter, join us at DISCIPLE 2.1. 