DRS in MNG – Enhancing the role of medicine in the management of European Health Systems 2009-2013

The main objective of this COST Action is to increase empirical, theoretical and policy relevant knowledge about the changing role of medical professionals in the management of healthcare.

The COST Action IS0903 “Enhancing the Role of Medicine in the Management of European Health Systems – Implications for Control, Innovation and User Voice” (short: Doctors in Management) is an international research network led and managed by the Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM) at the University of Leeds. It aims to increase our understanding of the changing roles of medical professions in the management of health care. In 22 countries, including South Africa and Australia as non-COST member countries, we will be conducting and coordinating comparative research. Tapping the full potential of the numerous members and their cultural and academic diversity, this COST Action is interested in comparing different national health management systems and different areas of impact, focusing especially on the acute hospital sector. It aims to contribute to our understanding how health management reforms have unfolded across different European states and how they affected areas like financial control, innovation and service user voice.

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Partner: Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca

Funder: European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

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