Mara Paula Timofe, PhD(c)


  • Whenever someone asks me about my educational background I like joking about it (in a positive way, as I am proud of it). My usual reply: I’ve acquired a bit of everything, as I graduated Political Science and Communication and PR and have a Masters Degree in Research Design and Data Analysis in Social Sciences. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in Dental Medicine. So far, mixing these fields of study brought me only advantages. Still, you may wonder what the element that ties all of them is. Simply put: Cluj School of Public Health. I have been working at C-SPH since November 2010 and show goes on as a research assistant within the Health Policy and Management Department. Moreover, I have the luck of teaching to our students and therefore work closely with them. Working in a research field is an on-going challenge, so each day I say to myself “Buckle up!”

  • Research interests

    I am interested in health policies and different health management aspects, both at a national and international level. My main focus is on quality management in healthcare, more specifically in dental care, being interested in the implementation of quality standards and measures that can be developed in order to improve quality management in dental services by taking into account patients’ safety and satisfaction.

  • Teaching activity

    Scientific Writing (fall 2013, 2014), Healthcare Management (spring 2015)

  • Office hours

    Monday – Friday, 9:00-17:00