NEUROPROTER – Interdisciplinary research development of neuro-protection pharmaceutical treatment for neural ischemia 2007-2009

This project developed to develop a new drug containing memantine for intravenous (iv) administration, compared memantine’s pharmacokinetics in iv form with the one in the oral form, and evaluated the iv administered memantine’s neuroprotective effect in global cerebral ischemia following cardiac arrest. The project’s plan was structured in 4 stages, during 36 months. The first stage has followed an in-depth study of neuronal injury mechanisms in cerebral ischemia and NMDA receptor antagonists, especially memantine. The second stage has followed the conception of memantine IV serum, which will correspond to the criteria of the Romanian Pharmacopoeia 10th edition.In the third stage, there was a pharmacokinetic study on an animal model (pig) that wishes to compare the iv form to the oral form, in order to evaluate the advantages of the IV form in the emergency therapy, as in cardiac arrest. In the fourth stage we evaluated the iv administered memantine’s neuroprotective effect on the same animal model, on which we induced cardiac arrest.

Specific objectives:
Coordinator: University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hateganu” Cluj

Partner: Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca

Funder: Romanian Ministry of Education and Research

Total budget: 273.257 Euro (budget for BBU: 16.151 Euro)


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