Paula Alexa, MA(c)

Associate researcher

  • I am a psycholgy graduate with a curiosity to understand health behaviours and a deep desire to help people achieve their goals and work towards well-being, regardless of their life circumstances. I believe psychology has imense power to support those who face the challenges of a mental disorder, but also to empower those who simply wish to bring positive change into their lives. I am currently pursuing an MA in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and I have formal training in Motivational interviewing. In my research work, I am interested in intervetions focused on health behaviors and using qualitative research methods to contextualize the social dynamic of our day to day health choices.

  • Research interests

    Mental health; health behaviors

  • Teaching activity

    Human Resources (2013, 2014); Social Determinants of Health (2014); Health Sociology (2015); Qualitative Research Methods (2015)