Research into Policy to enhance Physical Activity (REPOPA) 2011 – 2016

Research into Policy to enhance Physical Activity (REPOPA) is a FP7 Health 2011 research project that was recently funded by the European Commission. Babes-Bolyai University, represented by CHPPH, is a partner in this initiative along with Tilburg University, The Netherlands, National Institute for Health Promotion, The Netherlands, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland, National Research Council, Italy, University of Ottawa, Canada, Region Hovedstad, Denmark, Primary Care Trust Herefordshire, UK; coordinated by University of Southern Denmark.

The basic concept of the project is to integrate scientific research knowledge (=evidence), expert know-how and the real world policy making processes to increase synergy and sustainability in promoting health and preventing disease among Europeans. REPOPA consortium will take up this challenge and will bring together scientific researchers from different disciplines and expertise, policy makers as well as stakeholders, including citizens, whom the policies concern.

Specific objectives:

1) to assess needs, role and use of research evidence in policy making (WP1)
2) to study ways research evidence is combined and negotiated with ‘other kind of evidence’ in cross-sector policy making process with the focus on physical activity policies (WP1, WP2, WP3)
3) via two interventions to explore innovative ways to translate research evidence into policy making process (WP2 & WP3)
4) to further translate the results into guidance and tools for the future enhancement of evidence-informed policy making in Europe (WP4)
5) to disseminate the results and lessons learned widely and to build structures to enhance sustainability in evidence-informed policy making (WP6)
6) to evaluate the results and processes as well as impact of the REPOPA (WP5).

Coordinator: University of Southern Denmark


Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, Romania;

Tilburg University, The Netherlands;

Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO), The Netherlands – partner until August 2012 was the Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion (NIGZ);

National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Finland;

The National Research Council (CNR), Italy;

University of Ottawa (uOttawa), Canada;

Research Centre for Prevention and Health (RCPH), Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark;

Herefordshire Council (former Herefordshire Primary Care Trust (HPCT)), United Kingdom.

Funder: European Commission in the field of Health 2011 through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Total budget: 3.746.727 Euro (budget for BBU: 376.800 Euro)


REPOPA Flyer – status update – Oct 2015 (ENG)

REPOPA Flyer – status update – Aug 2013 (ENG)

REPOPA Flyer – status update – Oct 2014 (ENG)

Repopa poster (ENG)

BBU Research and Project Dissemination:

Presentation during EUPHA, Milano, 14-17 Oct 2015, as part of the REPOPA Workshop: A policy game intervention for fostering the development of local health policies: 3 EU cases. Title: What is a policy game about? Insights in components of how to conduct a policy game by experience. Presenter: Petru Sandu. Abstract is available here.

Presentation during HEPA Europe 2015, 7-9 Oct 2015, as part of the Symposion 1: Collaboration and intersectoral approaches to promote physical activity and active living – insights for policy. Title: National platforms for evidence-informed physical activity policy making. Presenter: Diana Rus.

Presentation during ICONiC 2015, 19-20 May 2015 as part of the Plenary session 4: Promoting Healthy Nutrition and Psychical Activity to Prevent Non-Communicable Diseases. Title: What is the role of evidence in the development of health enhancing physical activity (HEPA) promotion policies? The REPOPA project experience. Presenter: Petru Sandu.

Presentation during EUPHA Conference, Brussels, 13-16 Nov 2014, within the REPOPA workshop: Fact or fiction: ‘European physical activity policies are evidence-informed’, abstract can be found here

Presentation during EUPHA, Bruxelles, 13-15 Nov 2013, as a co-author: Title: Policy game development in a local public health setting – process, lessons and reflections. Authors: Spitters H, van de Goor LAM, Glumer C, Lau CJ, Sandu P. Abstract is available here.

Presentation during 9th Fédération International d’Éducation Physique (FIEP) European Congress and 7th International Scientific Congress “Sport, Stress, Adaptation”, Sofia, 9-12 Oct 2014. Title: Leadership and driving forces in local health enhancing physical activity (HEPA) policy development in Romania. Authors: Sandu P., Rus D., Cherecheș R.M., Brînză C., Baba C. Abstract can be found here.

Presentation during the 4th International Congress of Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy (ICPESK), Bucharest, June 2014. Title: A systems’ analysis of health enhancing physical activity policy making at local level in Romania. Authors: Sandu P., Rus D., Cherecheș R.M., Brînză C., Baba C. Conference program can be found here.