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 Strengthening public health research capacity to inform evidence 

based policies in Tunisia




CONFIDE is a capacity building project financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Program aiming to strengthen public health research capacity and contribute to evidence based policies in Tunisia. CONFIDE is part of the European Commission ‘Cooperation’ program that aims to enhance transnational partnerships and build capacity in key development domains.

The duration of the project is 3 years (2017-2020) during which capacity building activities will contribute to strengthening the relations between higher education institutions and the wider economic and social environment by developing the higher education sector in three regions from Tunisia. The project will establish a sustainable Public Health research center, sustained by all project partners in the benefit of the three Tunisian Universities involved in the project.

The capacity building efforts will materialize in the Center for Evidence into Health Policy, established in Tunisia. The Center will have three headquarters, one in each Tunisian Partner University. The headquarters will be based in the University of Sfax, and will act as head office of the C4EHP.

CONFIDE Aims & Objectives

O1: Support sustainable development regarding the three public health fields by developing and implementing the Center for Evidence into Health Policy designed in order to ease future collaborations in the field of public health research, health promotion and evidence-based public health policy;

O2: Strengthen institutional capacity for delivering state-of-the-art Research into Policy training program that includes three public health related modules (public health research, health promotion and evidence-based public health policy) among trainees enrolled in the Public Health educational programs;

O3: Consolidate national and local partnerships between the public health academic and non-academic sector to provide students with a set of key transferable skills and career development opportunities through networking activities and student internship placements.

Project Coordinator

Babeș-Bolyai University

Project Partners

University of Southern Denmark

Trnava University

Sfax University

The University of Tunis El Manar

University of Sousse

Project details

Grant no: 586291-EPP-1-2017-1-RO-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Agreement no: 2017-2981

Implementation period: 15.10.2017-15.10.2020

Funder: Erasmus+ Programme

Budget: 719,340 Euro

Project website: confide.publichealth.ro

Erasmus+ project card: click here

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