Supplement: Mobile Health Intervention for Family Smoking Cessation in Romania (2019-2020)

This supplement will rely on a mixed methods strategy to elicit patient centered strategies from the ongoing trial participants and to pilot test selected strategies for increasing engagement and retention in the Smoke
Free Together app. Specifically, we plan exit interviews with 15 pregnant smokers and 15 life partners (n=30) using the Smoke Free Together app in the parent project randomized controlled trial. These interviews will
focus mostly on notification-based strategies.
This supplement will also enroll 30 additional pregnant smokers and their life partners (additional n=60) and use mixed methods to test the efficacy of selected notification-based strategies on the engagement and retention in the Smoke Free Together app.

We will continue building mHealth research capacity in Romania both at the individual level among
researchers involved in this study and at the institutional level by expanding our sustainable network of
scholars interested and capable of engaging in mHealth research. We will include formal, educational training
in Cluj-Napoca targeting junior and mid-career researchers and graduate students on topics including mobile
app use, engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

Coordinator: Michigan State University, USA

Funder: National Institutes of Health (NIH), grant number 5R21TW010896-02S2

Budget for BBU: 27.391 USD

For more details, please visit the project website (in Romanian)