Transfer of Organisational Innovations for Resilient, Effective, Equitable, Accessible, Sustainable and Comprehensive Health Services and Systems (TO-REACH)


TO-REACH is a coordination and support action (CSA) funded by HORIZON2020 to prepare a joint European research programme aimed at producing research evidence supporting health care services and systems to become more resilient, effective, equitable, accessible, sustainable and comprehensive (in Europe, and abroad).

The overall aim of the proposed TO-REACH project is to do the groundwork for establishing a joint European research programme on health services and systems (e.g. through an ERA-NET or other means) that contributes to the resilienceeffectivenessequityaccessibilitysustainability and comprehensiveness of health services and systems.

To achieve this central aim, TO-REACH will have two main work streams.

  1. To prepare, conceptually and methodologically, an international research programme on cross-border learning from good models of care and the conditions needed to transfer and implement these from one setting to another.
  2. To enhance sustainable cooperation between funding bodies as well as their link with other existing or upcoming funders networks in order to facilitate such a joint international research programme.

The TO-REACH Consortium brings together 29 partners, from 21 countries including EU Member States, Norway, Canada, Israel and the US, coordinated by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy, the scientific advisory body of the National Health System in Italy, namely of the Ministry of Health, the Regions and the Local Health Unit. A list with project partners are available here.

More information on the project activities and progress can be found on the TO-REACH website:

Duration:  1/12/2016 – 1/12/2019

Budget:  1 998 922,50 EUR

Budget UBB: 21 377,50 EUR

Funding institution: European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant agreement No 733274.