Your digital storytelling on

Safe and healthy travelling, as a high school student

2022 admission contest

What is this contest about?

Digital storytelling represents an event-presenting technique using a combination of images, text, music, and videos. Twelve grade high school students interested in participating in this contest should develop a digital story (between 1 to 2 minutes long) depicting their own view on safe and healthy travelling. No matter the distance we are travelling, having a safe road infrastructure, safety technologies in cars and using safety devices when travelling will not only protect us but all traffic participants: drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Students can choose to describe the need for a safe and healthy journey from an educational, social, economic, and/ or public health-related standpoint, by using one or multiple perspectives (i.e. their own perspective, the perspective of their classmates, or the perspective of their siblings/parents/teachers) as there are different road users, with different needs and different definition of safe place when travelling. All stories should be developed in English. Also, it is mandatory for the voice of the student to be heard during the video (i.e. as the narrating voice).

How will this contest count for my admission to the Department of Public Health?

At the end of this contest, we will determine three winners (see Submission & evaluation section) who will be automatically admitted to the Department of Public Health in the 2022-2023 university year. All three winners will be admitted to tuition-free places, provided that they have a Baccalaureate degree by the 2022-2023 university admission session and submit their file to the Department of Public Health during the admission period.

Click here to see the digital stories developed by the three students who won our contest in 2020.
Click here to see the digital stories developed by the three students who won our contest in 2019.

There are multiple online sources where you can find information about how to develop a digital story. You can review the resources provided below or you can perform a Google search using “digital storytelling” as searching words.

Also, click here if you want to see what students from previous years used to develop their digital storytelling videos. This could help you be among the winners of the contest!

What is the deadline for submitting my digital story?

You can submit your digital story starting from March 14th but not later than May 31st 2022.

How can I submit my digital story?

After you finalize your digital story you have to send an email to with the subject “Digital storytelling contest” and ask for a personalized link to submit your story. After receiving your email we will give you access to an online folder where you can upload your digital story. Please keep in mind that any digital stories submitted for this contest can be posted on the Department of Public Health’s website and Facebook/YouTube page.

How will you evaluate my digital story?

All submitted digital stories will be evaluated against a predefined set of evaluation criteria including, but not limited to the originality of the idea, accuracy of the presented information, English proficiency, and technical quality of the story. All stories will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10 by a panel of two Department of Public Health members with expertise in mental health and adolescent health. At the end of the evaluation process, the students obtaining the first three highest scores (provided that they get a score equal to or larger than 8) will be awarded a tuition-free place in the Department of Public Health.

In what conditions can my submitted digital story be disqualified?

Your digital story will be disqualified in the evaluation process if you use an offensive language or any content which is not yours without giving credit to the source.

The winners will be announced on the 10th of June. The high school students developing the best three storytelling projects will be admitted to the Department of Public Health in the 2022-2023 academic year with a grade of 10 at the admission contest.

For more information about the contest you can send an email to For any emails sent about the contest, please include the following text in the subject field of the email “Digital storytelling contest”.