Master's Degree Exam

Please be advised of the following details regarding the Master's Degree Exam:

The process

• The student logs in the Zoom meeting:
• He/she is transferred in the 1st Room, in front of the commission where he/she has 15 minutes to present his/her power point presentation (The power point can have as many slides as the student decides. They must decide together with the coordinator what information the presentation will contain, the design, formatting, and what information they will present).
• The student will have the presentation on the screen of his/her laptop and will enable the share screen option for the commission to see his/her presentation.
• After the presentation, the commission has 5 minutes to ask questions.

The exam commission

Prof. Dr. Răzvan Cherecheș

Prof. Dr. Ioan Hosu
Lect. Dr. Marius Ionuț Ungureanu
Lect. Dr. Oana Blaga

Asist. Mădălina Coman

The appeals commission

Prof. dr. Gabriel Bădescu

Prof. Dr. Cosmin Marian
Lect. Dr. Adrian Hudrea

Asist. Alexandra Onișor

Students will receive the results of the written exam within 24 hours of the exam. If students believe that there were technical problems that might have influenced their performance, they will have 24 hours to file an appeal.

By entering the zoom meeting, students are giving their consent for the conversation to be registered and for their data and image to be stored and used in case of appeals.

Students will enter the exam in alphabetical order. Until Monday, 28.06.2021, students will be provided with a document where they can track their progress in real-time.

Students can only pass the exam if he/she obtains a minimum grade of 5 for each of the two examinations(oral presentation and theoretical exam), and the average of the two grades is at least 6.