The Global Health Program is a professional experience, providing opportunity for health sciences students to apply knowledge and theory learned in the classroom to a professional work setting and to develop the skills needed for successful transition to the public health workforce.

The minimum 4-weeks internship for the ongoing research/implementation projects of Cluj School of Public Health – Romania – is an opportunity for students to apply learned knowledge and theory to a research/professional work setting. The C-SPH staff conducts intensive research on multiple topics ( You can apply for an internship for one of the active research projects.

Why the Global Health Program?

Customized placement

The program offers placements that match with your academic background and interests. Therefore, you will get to work on projects and conduct activities which overlap your educational background, previous experience and future goals.

Extensive academic support and mentoring

You will get to work with dedicated and supportive advisers who have extensive experience in developing and implementing research projects tackling a wide array of public health issues. This will translate in a unique working experience.

English as language of instruction

All the mentors, as well as the other DPH staff members are fluent in English. Therefore, the entire program, as well as all the other interactions throughout your stay at C-SPH will be carried out in English.

A rich cultural experience

The program runs in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, a multicultural environment with a long-standing tradition as a leading academic center. Being located in the heart of Transylvania, the city of Cluj-Napoca has good travel connections with the rest of the country, but also internationally, being connected by direct low-cost flights with more than 20 European cities.