Frequently Asked Questions

As a graduate level student, you can apply to one of the 6 available types of programs offered by Global Health Program. You can browse through the options in the “Programs” tab.

The amount of time spent working depends on the project, and it can vary from 6 hours to 8. The period varies as well, you can apply for a minimum of 4 weeks up to 3 months.

You can apply for the period you are interested in and, depending on the calendar of the projects, if the program you chose is not available in that time, you will be proposed an alternative.

In order to be suitable for working on the projects, it is desirable to have analytical and evaluative skills, interpersonal and communication skills, organizational skills, efficiency and flexibility, and computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft products (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), email software, internet searching engines, and other programs. Nevertheless, most programs accept beginners as well on entry level activities.

During your work here, you will have a mentor from the staff of C-SPH. The staff is formed of young, qualified researchers in the health field, who will mentor you and provide administrative support throughout the program.

All the mentors, as well as the other C-SPH staff members are fluent in English. Therefore, the entire program, as well as all the other interactions throughout your stay at C-SPH will be carried out in English.

During the program, you will be provided with all the necessary materials needed for conducting your work here. It would be desirable to bring your own laptop in order to increase efficiency.

Each student enrolled will have customized tasks, depending on your interests and the project you will be working on. After the admission phase, you will discuss with your mentor all the details regarding your work and requirements, establishing together a work plan.

You will be provided with all the logistic details before your arrival. A member of our staff will welcome you in the airport in your arrival time.

Housing is provided by the program in one of the international students dorms.

The easiest way to get around the city is by tram or bus. The price of a ticket is 0.5 USD per trip. You can find more details regarding the routes here.

For a regular diet, a meal at the students’ cafeteria would cost around 2,3 USD. In a restaurant, around 6 USD.

The office hours of the staff at C-SPH are between 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. Your program will be customized with your mentor and adapted to the project you will be working on.

The office dress code is casual, except of official receptions/conferences.

C-SPH enrolls students in internship programs throughout the year, so there will be other interns working at the center in that period.