Research Projects

The minimum 4-weeks internship in the ongoing research/implementation projects of Cluj School of Public Health – Romania – is an opportunity for students to apply learned knowledge and theory to a research/professional work setting and to develop skills needed for successful transition to the public health workforce. See below the list of active research projects that you can intern in.

Smoke-Free Together (mHealth)

The project aims to develop and test the first couples’ pregnancy smoking cessation Romanian language mobile app. The long term goal of our research program is to develop, implement, and...

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TO-REACH is a coordination and support action (CSA) funded by HORIZON2020 to prepare a joint European research programme aimed at producing research evidence supporting health care services and systems to...

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Arts and creativity represent valuable aids in improving overall well-being. The use of arts for individuals suffering from chronic conditions could improve their physical health, mental health outcomes, their quality...

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This project aims to develop an adapted and enhanced mHealth couple intervention to prevent postpartum smoking relapse. The main goal of this project is to develop, implement, and disseminate effective...

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The aim of the RESPONSE project is to increase maternal health team GBV disclosure in patients, referral to specialist services and safety planning in 5 geographically diverse EU countries (Austria,...

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The “Family Smoking Cessation in Romania Using Pregnancy as a Window of Opportunity” project aims to adapt, enhance, and test the implementation feasibility and initial efficacy, in Romania, of an...

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Advancing Maternal and Child Health in Romania: an integrated assessment of the determinants of pregnancy outcomes initiative, also known as the MAIA Project, aims to explore and explain the impact...

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The overall ambition from MS is to better include eHealth into health policy and better align eHealth investments to health needs. A central aspect is the transferability of health data...

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The goals of this project are to create a critical mass of injury researchers from multiple disciplines and to engage injury and violence agencies and stakeholders.

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DIYPES project was awarded by the European Commission under Erasmus+ Sport program. The project started on the 1st of January 2017 and will last for 24 months.

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The goal of this study was to validate S-TOFHLA, an instrument designed to measure health literacy levels in the Romanian socio-cultural context and to explore the association between health literacy,...

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Eligibility & Requirements

To be considered for the Global Health Program, students must meet the following requirements:​

  • undergraduate or graduate students in health sciences or related fields
  • interest in the public health field
  • 18 years of age or older

Professional Skills:

  • analytical and evaluative skills
  • interpersonal and communication skills
  • organizational skills, efficiency and flexibility
  • computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft products (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), email software, internet searching engines, and other programs


Program fee is 1.900 U.S. Dollars/month for graduate students and 2.100 U.S. Dollars/month for undergraduate students (more intensive mentoring from the faculty).

The fee includes housing, mentoring & support, on-site orientation and assistance throughout the application process. The fee does not include international travel, meals costs, personal effects, or incidentals.

How to apply

The applications can be submitted online continuously. Please send any additional inquiries to

The evaluation process will take place at the end of each month, the results being communicated to the students in the first week of the following month after the date of application. Students will have to confirm their participation in 2 weeks’ time after receiving the letter of acceptance, by sending an email and paying at least 10% of the program fee.

Please send any additional inquiries to