A one-week event offering you* the context to drive your own educational experience.

The Innovathon

48 hours of continuous work in a team to design innovative solutions for challenges faced today by local healthcare oriented companies and NGOs.

The Twist

10 hours of trainings that will turn your thinking upside down, drive you to explore our challenges from different perspectives and help you master the right skills for generating  viable market products.


Student or young professional (with a background in health, technical or social sciences) who is driven, resilient, open-minded, proactive and a team worker.
A future shaper not afraid to fail.
The prize for the winning team!
(Taxes will apply)

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How does it work?

You fail

Experiential learning provides a safe space to fail.
Accepting failure and seeing it as a challenge in an obstacle course allows us to think clearly.
You gain by trying. And failing. Do, observe, fail fast, fail often, persist!

You change your mind

Innovation cannot be produced without a shift of perspective.
We encourage YOU to develop alternative courses of action and put them into practice, as well as to share the experiences of others and welcome diversity.

You need to solve a challenge

Learning is social and participative, context-related and based on problem-solving.
Find a challenge through you can make a positive impact on yourself and others and work on it.
That's how you learn at your best!

You keep working

“Aha-moments” don’t come when you’re fresh as a daisy, they come when you think your brain just can’t take any more.
We value resilience and willingness to work hard, with an edge of compulsiveness.

What can I learn from HIVE Health?

What counts as innovation and what doesn’t? How to develop and implement innovative ideas? – challenges; limitations; complexity; things to do =>SOLUTIONS

How to identify the missing pieces in the field you would like to bring innovation to. What elements are already available for your work? What resources can you use and how to fill in the existing gaps?

Which customers could benefit from the product you develop and how to focus on their needs and preferences in order to get a win-win situation based on your work?

Getting  from a concept to reality – what makes your product different from the ones already existing on the market and where you should be heading after having a MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?

Efficiency, decision-making, self-motivation, collaboration, conflict resolution, time management

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each individual project – Learning from mistakes and using the information wisely

As making people understand your idea is one of the most important steps of innovation, it is vital to be efficient during your presentation – tips and tricks

Preliminary Program


Răzvan M. Cherecheș MD, PhD is an Executive Director at the Department of Public Health, coordinating the team of researchers and faculty. Within his career, Dr. Cherecheș has been an Adjuvant Assistant Professor at University of Iowa – College of Public Health – Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, University Professor at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, also having experience as a scientific researcher. Dr. Cherecheș is also known for the Public Speaking trainings he conducts, pointing out the elements each individual needs for building a connection with the audience.

Vlad Șuteu is Co-Founder of Brain Smiles, Branding&Marketing agency founded in 2017 in Cluj-Napoca, the company`s fields of expertise including Branding, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Websites, Strategy and Business Development. His experience in this field includes being Regional Manager of Techcelerator, Chief Marketing Officer at ChainCreator in Zurich, Switzerland. Recently starting his work as a Co-founder and CEO of Knoxon Technologies in London, UK, Vlad Șuteu aims to deliver the highest level of quality and security by their products.

Speaker-Ștefan Asafti

Art Director with great experience in building visual identities for brand around the world, Stefan will be taking you through the process of building a visual identity for Brain Smiles, an NGO in Cluj.

Speaker-Cleopatra Mândruț

Having experience in the field of marketing (as Head of Marketing at Brain Smiles), she will guide you through concepts such as research on industry, competition or marketing hacks.

Speaker-Philip Choban

We are helping to build a new way of thinking in Romania: giving back. Through helping others and providing information and services in healthcare and dementia related care, we achieve what we feel in our hearts. We are born, we live and we die; it is what we do in between that counts. – Philip Choban, CEO of Telios Care S.A. Romania and TeleMedEuropa Inc. USA

Speaker-Bogdan Blaga

A tech geek at heart, his passion is founded in the challenge of designing and developing meaningful products that change industries. As the Director of Delivery, Bogdan brings an amazing depth and breadth of expertise in areas such as MedTech, HIPAA, healthcare regulations & compliance, cloud development, security, distributed and large-scale applications.


Special partners

House rules are available here!

Frequently Asked Questions


Innovathon is an event that drifts away from the classical, code-only, IT-oriented hackathons and tries to bring together multidisciplinary teams and help them find innovative solutions for real-world healthcare challenges that local NGOs and companies face today.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will hold trainings held by professional trainers, team building activities and challenges to help you develop the right mindset for innovation and develop the skills needed to succeed. Mandatory presence. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you’ll put into practice what you’ve learn in a hackathon-like event.

We will come up with a comprehensive answer shortly. Stay tuned!

Absolutely yes. Our proposed challenges can’t be viewed from a tech perspective only, you will definitely need a doctor, a designer, maybe a public health specialist, a psychologist, a lawyer or an economist. Every mind willing to create an innovative solution is welcome.

Besides from your precious time, which we promise won’t be wasted, this event is completely free of charge.

Please bring your laptop and charger, notebook, pen and pencils, comfortable clothes, headphones and music, glasses and medication if necessary, whatever else you might need to complete your project including installed software or wearables. Optionally you can bring an extension cord and a Wi-Fi dongle.

You can remain overnight, but there will not be a designated resting area, only a chill-out zone with a couple of beanbags. We do not provide mats so you will need to bring your own mat and sleeping bag.

Please find more details about mandatory on-site presence in our House Rules.

Yes, there will be representatives of the companies/NGOs providing the challenges, available for consultation.

Yes, there will. You can bring a Wi-fi dongle as backup if you want though.

Yes. Any language you feel comfortable with is fine for us. However, you should only use licensed copies of software. In developing your solution, you should not use content that is copyrighted, protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third-party intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from their rightful owner to use the content. We recommend using only third-party works that are licensed through an open-source (for software), open-hardware (for electronics) or creative commons license (for all other works).

We will provide wireless internet connection, extension cords (limited number), plenty of pens, paper, markers and flip charts.

As there will be a limited number of spots, selections of the participants will take place:
The first selection will be based on the registration form. We highly recommend that you answer the questions carefully.
After Monday evening each participant will be part of a team: 15 teams must be formed in order for you to know who you will work with for the next period.
On the first day of trainings and team building activities there will be a Scavenger hunt, adapted for the idea of innovation. Your work on this challenge will be graded, the points you get representing 25% of the final score.

On Wednesday there will be a competition for distributing the challenges. The selection will be subjective, based on a speech about your motivation and ideas for approaching a specific challenge. The presentations will be 3 minutes long followed by a 2 minutes Q&A section. Your speech will be graded, these points representing 75% of the final score.

There will be 2 teams working on each challenge! We will kindly ask you to choose your aimed challenge based on the established hierarchy. If the challenge you talked about in your speech is already taken by 2 teams with higher scores, you will choose one of the remaining challenges.

At the end of the day, we will have our finalists! There will be 12 teams left working on 6 challenges, for the upcoming 48 hour innovathon.

By being a participant at this innovathon, you acknowledge that the solution you develop is the intellectual property of the partner who provided the challenge. Further collaboration and follow-ups will be discussed between the partner and the participants!

Email: eitinnovation@publichealth.ro

Phone: +40 745 877 120

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