CONNECT - Cooperation and training on innovation and entrepreneurship in the eHealth community

Our project focuses on the national priority of “Tackling skills gaps and mismatches” through delivering an education program, which engages students from across European countries to enable continuous innovation and entrepreneurship in the European eHealth sector.

The CONNECT project will reach students from multiple educational programs, young professionals, consortium partners, but also NGOs and private companies by strengthening eHealth capacity through eHealth awareness, innovation, practical training and education in the form of a highly-and-systematically organized formal and non-formal educational program to improve knowledge, develop cross-sectoral skills, entrepreneurship and competences and support students’ critical thinking required to improve health care, sustained by all project partners.

The sustainability of the project will be ensured firstly by integrating the open-source Curriculum that will be developed by the partners into the course of eHealth at our Department of Public Health, from BBU, as part of the educational program at the Bachelor and Masters level. Therefore, one of the intellectual outputs of the project will be transferred to other interested higher education institutions in order to create a long term use for our product.



Starting / Ending Date

20/11/2020 – 19/11/2022

Project Coordinator



Funder: European Commission (ErasmusPlus Programme)
Grant Number: 2020-1-RO01-KA203-080244
Total Amount: 233,166.00 EUR
BBU Amount: 78,502.00 EUR

Staff from Department of Public Health

Research Assistant

Research Assistant

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Project Partners

  1. ASOCIATIA INIT, Romania
  3. Europäische Bildungsinitiative, Austria

Project Outputs

The following tangible results are expected:

A curriculum centered around theoretical and practical subjects within the eHealth domain will be developed as an online book, adapted as an interactive online resource, and uploaded on the online platform for managing eHealth eLearning. It will be addressed to students from computer and information, healthcare, and social professional background from participant countries and disseminated to students from other European universities. It will include foundational knowledge (formal), key perspectives in eHealth (examples of new technologies, applications, instruments – non-formal), application abilities (increasing qualifications, competencies, and critical thinking – non-formal) to provide eHealth remedial education. These resources will have a significant impact on active learning through peer-to-peer and mentor-to-mentee learning, collaboration, managing teaching, and learning experiences.

An online platform – eHealth Community of Practice will be developed as a transnational network of key actors such as businesses, NGOs, and academic professionals involved in the participating institutions or external interested stakeholders, to establish collaborations, exchange best practices and facilitate long- distance mentorship for students who graduated the Intensive Study Program. This tangible result will be a website, and the functionalities will include social media, workspace features, and open-source and interactive resources.