Development of a novel Quality Management System for Use in Dental Practice


The project aims at developing and pilot-testing a Quality Management System (QMS) to be used in dental practices in Romania, adjusted to the particularities of the Romanian medical system, enhancing patient care and increasing effectiveness of dental care across the country.

The system that we propose to develop is an innovative instrument to be applied in the dental practices in Romania due to tot the fact that it fills a gap in the quality management of the dental practices in Romania. Moreover, the customization according to the specific activities which take place in a dental practice ensures its originality.

Dentists, dental care users and non-users and other stakeholders have been surveyed using both quantitative and qualitative methods. For the dental care users and non-users, 1,500 telephonic surveys have been conducted, acquiring national representativity. Focus groups have been organized with the same categories of stakeholders, to obtain more in-depth information regarding service quality and quality management knowledge and practice.

Specific objectives:

  • Evaluate dentists’ knowledge, attitudes and perceptions regarding service quality and quality management in dental practice;
  • Evaluate current practices of quality management in dental practices;
  • Assess public and users’ attitudes, perceptions and satisfaction towards the quality of dental services;
  • Develop a quality management system, customized for the activities in dental practices;
  • Disseminate the results of the project.

Starting / Ending Date

2012 – 2016

Project Coordinator

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca – Romania


Funder: Executive Unit for financing education Higher, Research Development and innovation (UEFISCDI)
Grant Number: N-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.1-1208
Total Amount: 420.000 EUR
BBU Amount: 225.750 EUR

Staff from Department of Public Health

Project Outputs


aDMIRE 2016 – synthesis paper (RO)


aDMIRE 2015 – synthesis paper (RO)


aDMIRE 2014 – synthesis paper (RO)


aDMIRE 2013 – synthesis paper (RO)


aDMIRE 2012 – synthesis paper (RO)

Conference abstracts:


aDMIRE – EHMA 2014 abstract book – Leadership in healthcare: from bedside to board (EN)


aDMIRE – EHMA 2013 abstract – Access to quality dental care in Romania (EN)

aDMIRE – EHMA 2013 abstract – Who cannot afford dental care in Romania (EN)

Conference participation:


aDMIRE- EHMA 2016 poster- How consistent are dentists and patients when they assess the quality of dental care? Results from Romania

aDMIRE- Panning for better communities 2016 oral- Quality Management System (QMS) for use in dental practice: filling in a policy gap


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aDMIRE – EHMA 2015 poster – Development of Quality Management manuals (EN)


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aDMIRE – UMF 2013 poster – Romanian dentists’ competence. How could it benefit from patients’ feedback (EN)

aDMIRE – UMF 2013 poster – What motivates people to visit dentists more frequently (EN)

Conference presentations:

aDMIRE – QPS 2014 presentation: QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN DENTAL CARE: Romanian patients’ and dental professionals’ perspectives and attitudes (EN)