Development of a paradigm for assessment of heavy metal and microbial pollution in wild birds and fish and its implementation for conservation of biodiversity in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve


The DeltaBioTox project includes partners that will bring together leading infectionists/epidemiologists (CO), environmental health experts (P1) and ecologists-ornithologists (P2). Their common aim is to define the health status of the environment from microbial and heavy metal poisoning view, with regard to the environmental impact and animal welfare and achieve a model-based integration of this presumably highly heterogeneous landscape into the parameters of a common European ecosystem. The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of two risks that may endanger the local biodiversity of the Danube Delta and the social and economical future of its residents.

Starting / Ending Date

2012 – 2016

Project Coordinator

Discipline of Infectious Diseases at University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Cluj-Napoca – Romania


Staff from Department of Public Health

Project Partners

Environmental Health Center (EHC), Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Romanian Ornithological Center  (COR), Romania