Family Smoking Cessation in Romania Using Pregnancy as a Window of Opportunity

Quit Together (QT)

The “Family Smoking Cessation in Romania Using Pregnancy as a Window of Opportunity” project aims to adapt, enhance, and test the implementation feasibility and initial efficacy, in Romania, of an evidence-based pregnancy and postnatal couple intervention for smoking cessation. The project will make use of the Motivation and Problem Solving (MAPS) framework, inviting couples to participate in smoking prevention and cessation counselling sessions during pregnancy and postnatal periods.

Starting / Ending Date

2014 – 2020

Project Coordinator

Babeș-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca – Romania


Funder: National Institute of Health (NIH)
Grant Number: RC104441BBU
Total Amount: 698.251 USD

Staff from Department of Public Health

Research Technician, Local Project Director

Project Partners

College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, USA

Project Outputs

  1. Conference presentation-Preliminary feasibility and acceptability of the Quit Together couple focused pregnancy smoking cessation intervention in Romania Cristian I. Meghea, Marina D. Dascăl, Oana M. Blaga SRNT 26th Annual Meeting MARCH 11-14, 2020 HILTON NEW ORLEANS RIVERSIDE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA
  2. Conference presentation-Predictors of smoking during pregnancy in a sample of Romanian pregnant women- Marina Dascal, Oana Blaga, Cristian Meghea, SRNT-E Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco – Europe Conference, September 2018
  3. Conference presentation-Online Recruitment of Smoker Pregnant Women for of Couple Smoking Cessation Trial Conducted in an Eastern European Country-Dascăl Marina, Meghea Cristian, Blaga Oana 24th Annual Meeting of the Society for Nicotine and Tobacco Research, Hilton Baltimore Hotel, U.S A Cross-Section Study of Relationship
  4. Characteristics and Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy in a Sample of Romanian Pregnant Women-Maternal and Child Health Journal-Marina Dascal, Cristian Meghea, Oana Blaga-11 feb 2020,89926,0,2.html- A-Couples-Focused Intervention for Smoking/
  5. Cessation During Pregnancy: The Study Protocol of The Quit Together Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial-Tobacco Prevention & Cessation-The Official Journal of the European Network For Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP)-May 2018-Cristian Ioan Meghea, Alexandra Brinzaniuc, Alexandra Sidor, Razvan Mircea Chereches, Dan Mihu, Cristian I Iuhas,Florin Stamatian, Gabriela Caracostea, Marina D Dascal, Kristie Foley, Adriana Baban, Thomas C Voice, Oana Maria Blaga