Iowa Non-communicable Chronic Diseases Research Training Program in Romania


The overall purpose of this project is to build long-term, sustainable capacity to conduct population-based research in Romania in fields related to cancer, cerebrovascular disease including stroke, lung disease including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and environmental factors including indoor air pollution, and obesity and lifestyle factors related to these conditions as well as the genetics of non-communicable diseases. The program is coordinated by the University of Iowa Center for International Rural and Environmental Health (CIREH). Over a five-year period, this program will engage early and mid-career scientists and health professionals in intermediate-term training (25), short-term training (15), long-term training (3-4), and in an innovative program of “short-term-equivalent” distance education activities that will make extensive use of Internet web conferencing. Additionally, intermediate and long-term trainees will conduct a series of joint workshops in Romania.

Starting / Ending Date

2010 – 2015

Project Coordinator

University of Iowa, Center for International Rural and Environmental Health – United States of America


Funder: Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, USA
Total Amount: 855.000 USD
BBU Amount: 500.000 USD

Staff from Department of Public Health