Joint Action to support the eHealth Network



The overall ambition from MS is to better include eHealth into health policy and better align eHealth investments to health needs. A central aspect is the transferability of health data across borders of MS and therefore the organizational, technical, semantic and legal interoperability of eHealth. The eHN was formally established in 2011 through the Commission’s

Implementing Decision 2011/890/EU based on Art. 14.3 Directive 2011/24/EU and represents the highest decisionmaking body at EU political level. At a European level, there is a strong need to maintain this mechanism and to ensure further common political leadership and ongoing integration of eHealth into health policy in order to continue developing eHealth services responding to health systems‘ needs and health objectives. This is the framework for the eHN JA, which is led by the EU MS and co-financed by the European Commission (EC).

The general objective of the action is to act as the main preparatory body for the eHealth Network. By doing so, the JA aims to develop political recommendations and instruments for cooperation in the four specific priority areas that are specified in the eHN’s MWP and that were adopted by the eHN in May 2014: (1) interoperability and standardisation, (2) monitoring and assessment of implement,(3) exchange of knowledge and (4) global cooperation and positioning.

Starting / Ending Date

2015 – 2018

Project Coordinator

Federal Ministry of Health (Bundesministerium für Gesundheit – ATNA) – Austria


Funder: Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) & European Union’s Health Program (2014-2020)
Grant Number: 677102
Total Amount: 4.000.017 EUR
BBU Amount: 196.258 EUR

Staff from Department of Public Health

Research Assistant

Educational Administrator

Director of Education

Project Partners

  1. Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (ATNA),  Austria
  2. Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (GÖG),  Wien, Austria
  3. Service Public Federal Sante Publique, Securite de la Chaine Alimentaire et env (BHTC),  Belgia
  4. Bulgarian Executive Agency of Transplantation (BEAT), Bulgaria
  5. Hrvatski Zavod za Zdravstveno Osiguranje (HZZO),  Osijek, Croatia
  6. Terveyden ja Hyvinvoinnin Laitos (THL),  Helsinki,  Finland
  7. Ministere des Affairs Sociales et de la Sante (FRNA),  Paris,  France
  8. Gematik Gesellschaft für Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte mbH (GEMATIK),  Germany
  9. Dioikisi 3is Ygeionomikis Perifereias Makedonias (3D HHR),  Thessaloniki, Greece
  10. Állami Egészségügyi Ellátó Központ (ÁEEK), Budapest, Hungary
  11. Semmelweis Egyetem (SE), Hungary
  12. Ministero della Salute (MoH IT), Italy
  13. National Health Service (NVD)-Latvia
  14. Viesoji istaiga Vilniaus Universiteto ligonines Santariskiu Klinikos (VULSK), Lithuania; Vilnius
  15. National Health Insurance Fund (VLK), Lithuania
  16. Agence eSantè (AeS), Luxembourg
  17. Ministry for Health – Government of Malta (MFH), Malta
  18. Stichting Nationaal ICT Instituut in de Zorg (Nictiz), Netherlands
  19. The Norwegian Directorate of Health (HDIR), Norway
  20. SPMS – Servicos Partilhados do ministerio da Saude Epe (SPMS),  Lisbon, Portugal
  21. Swedish eHealth Agency (SEHA), Sweden
  22. NHS Health and Social care Information Centre (NHS IC), UK
  23. ASIP Santé (ASIP), France

Project Outputs

This section contains all documents and deliverables published on the JAseHN website, thus providing quick and centralized access to any of the documents being public. They include eHealth Network meetings, Content produced by MS and eHealth stakeholders & Implementation of the four specific priority areas of the MWP 2015-2018 (including related specific requests made by the eHN).

Report on the notification of national eID under the scope of the eIDAS Regulation
Report on European semantic interoperability in eHealth
Report on the implementation of interoperability of patient registries guidelines
Report on studies concerning the added value of eHealth/mHealth services
Report on EU state of play on patient access on eHealth data