Occupational Health of Rural Workers – Costs, Depression and Injury


The project aims to assess the prevalence of depression in rural backyard farm operators and groups at risk. More specifically, it tries to identify which is the rate of depression in rural areas and a potential correlation with backyard farm injuries. The project assesses the prevalence of depression in rural backyard farm operators and groups at risk; describes depression prevalence and offer baseline data for future projects; and examines injury risk factors in the hope that safety for workers in Romanian rural farms can be improved by addressing mental health in rural communities.

Specific objectives:

  • to identify the major risk factors and population groups at risks based on the specific population that occurs in the established settings – backyard farm (specific population is defined as people that have backyard farms and are involved both in occupational and leisure farm activities. the specific population includes both adults and children in the rural area.)
  • to determine the frequency of depression in the population based on the general population and the association with occupational injury
  • to characterize the small farm occupational activities exposure of the specific population
  • to determine the direct and indirect costs associated with depression

Starting / Ending Date

2010 – 2011

Project Coordinator

Babeș-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca – Romania


Funder: Michigan State University, USA
BBU Amount: 5000 USD

Staff from Department of Public Health