Research Into Policy to Enhance Physical Activity


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REsearch into POlicy to enhance Physical Activity (REPOPA) was a five-year project funded by the European Commission, that aimed to integrate scientific research knowledge, expert know-how and real-world policymaking process to increase synergy and sustainability in promoting health and preventing disease, and to promote physical activity in structural policymaking.


  • Building on evidence and experiences on policy-making processes;
  • Studying innovative ’win-win’ ways to collaborate between academia and policymakers;
  • Establishing structures and best practices for future health promotion.

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased use of research evidence in policymaking;
  • Closer understanding and collaboration between academia, practice and policymakers/politicians;
  • Increased collaboration across sectors in physical activity policy-making;
  • Sustainable knowledge integration;
  • Improved theoretical and methodological competences.

Starting / Ending Date

October 2011 – October 2016

Project Coordinator

University of Southern Denmark – Denmark


Funder: Executive Unit for financing education Higher, Research Development and innovation (UEFISCDI) & European Commission (EC)
Grant Number: UEFISCDI: PN-II-CT-PC7-1-0075; EC: 281532
Total Amount: 2.996.462 EUR
BBU Amount: 376.800 EUR (EC) & 173.718 RON (UEFISCDI)

Staff from Department of Public Health

Project Manager

Assistant Professor


Project Partners

  1. Tilburg University (TSB), The Netherlands
  2. National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Finland
  3. The National Research Council (CNR), Italy
  4. Research Centre for Prevention and Health (RCPH), Denmark
  5. University of Ottawa, Canada
  6. Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion NIGZ – Partner until August 2012, The Netherlands
  7. Herefordshire Primary Care Trust HPCT UK – Partner until March 2013, UK
  8. Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement CBOThe – Partner until October 2015, Netherlands