Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture



Understanding of the determinants of safety culture is lacking and consequently, well-informed actions to improve health, safety and risk management cannot be made. This Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action explores the reasons why agriculture lags behind other sectors, and why some countries have been more successful than others in reducing agricultural injuries and illnesses.

This COST Action will 1) evaluate health and safety programmes and approaches on the national level, 2) identify knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and priorities among farmers regarding safety, health and risk management, 3) identify effective measures for training and integrating vulnerable populations (including refugees) into the agricultural workforce, 4) develop means and indicators for monitoring progress and evaluating the impact of interventions on injuries and illnesses in agriculture, and 5) disseminate results to stakeholders and the agricultural community.

This COST Action will produce benchmarked and evidence-based recommendations to inform and guide national initiatives and efforts. The results will be made available to the scientific community, policymakers, vocational training, administrative and insurance personnel, farmers and practitioners working towards better social sustainability and safety culture in agriculture.

Starting / Ending Date

March 2017 – March 2021

Project Coordinator

National Resources Institute, Luke – Finland


Funder: European Commission, European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Grant Number: CA16123

Staff from Department of Public Health

Research Assistant

Assistant Professor

Project Partners

More information about the members of this COST Action is available here.

Project Outputs

Short Term Scientific Mission for Madalina Adina Coman for 1 month in Louvaine la Neuve in Blegium
Published article: Coman, M. A., Marcu, A., Cherecheș, R. M., Leppälä, J., & Van Den Broucke, S. (2020). Educational interventions to improve safety and health literacy among agricultural workers: a systematic review. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17(3), 1114.